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    Share your work with the Blockchain research community in Singapore.

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    Learn tools that deepen your understanding of blockchain technology.
    Let us know if you would like to conduct a workshop on a tool you have developed.

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    Check out a variety of resources ranging from course material to projects on our Image

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    Work on meaningful projects that help build new tools and resources for the community.
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Timeline of events + Presentation resources

17 Apr 2019
Looking deep into Smart Contracts

SUTD, Think Tank 22 (Blk 2 Level 3, Room 2.311)

Sharing on Smart Contracts by Tomasz Kolinko
  • Our guest speaker, Mr Tomasz Kolinko will share about the current developments in the field, interesting use-cases and also the state-of-the-art techniques for symbolic execution, formal verification and static analysis in general.
  • Take a look at the Event Poster here

27 Feb 2019
Sharding Protocol & Scilla Programming Language

NTU, North Spine L5

Sharing on Zilliqa
  • Our guest speaker, Mr Han Wen Chua will share on the design choices and scalability of the Zilliqa blockchain and introduce the Scilla programming language together with a live coding session.

7-9 DEC 2018
ETHSingapore Hackathon

Ascent Building, 2 Science Park Drive Level 1, Singapore 118222

ASEAN's First Ethereum Hackathon & Part of ETHGlobal Series
  • 3-day hackathon where leading minds in the blockchain space will meet to collaborate and build decentralised applications using Ethereum.
    Apply as a hacker or volunteer. More details here

12-13 NOV 2018
Blockchain and Cybersecurity Workshop

NUS School of Computing, Computing 1 Level 2, Seminar Room (Day 1)
NUS Innovation 4.0, Level 1 Seminar Room (Day 2)

Explore the bleeding edge intersecting blockchain and cybersecurity
  • Technical talks by University College London, SJTU & Industry talks by Chainstack, Microsoft and KPMG
    Smart contract programming workshop
    Materials are compiled in this Github repository
    More details here

30 OCT - 2 NOV 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

Building a Cryptoeconomic toolset by the Casper CBC Team
  • Introduction to the PRESTO framework in developing formal foundations for Cryptoeconomics and the Design Philosophy for blockchain incentives
    Slides are here
    Jointly presented by Vlad Zamfir, Aditya Asgaonkar, Ben Jones, Georgios Piliouras and Nate Rush at devcon4

26 OCT 2018
Understanding Blockchain: Design principles


Blockchain Incentives, PRESTO framework applied to Casper & an introduction to Blockchain@NTU

26 OCT 2018
Innovating with Blockchain


Sharing on JP Morgan's Quorum blockchain and real world use cases.
  • Write-up can be found here
    Event as part of SUTD's COnversation with Industry Leaders (COIL) speaker series

18 OCT 2018
Gormos: A New Scalable Solution for Decentralized Exchanges

Held at IBM Research Singapore Lab

Introduction to Gormos' key principles
  • Gormos seeks to scale network throughput by partitioning data processing & storage by parallelizing their execution within a smaller committee
    Slides are here
    Presented by: Blockchain@NTU

28 SEP 2018
Fullstack DApp workshop

Organised by SMUB

Introduction to Fullstack DApp development with truffle by creating a Letter of Credit

18 SEPT 2018
Blockchain Fundamental Course

Organised by Blockchain@NTU

Workshop on the theories behind blockchain coupled with its fundamentals

17 SEPT 2018
Blockchain Security Workshop

Organised by SUTD and TNO

Sharing on project BLOCKTEST and launch of Blockchain Security Solutions Platform

31 AUG 2018

Organised by HITB GSEC at InterContinental Singapore

Introduction to Blockchain and Smart Contract attack vectors

7 AUG 2018
Blockchain Cybersecurity use-cases

Organised by CSA

Introduction to cybersecurity within the context of Blockchain Technology

30 JUL - 3 AUG 2018
IEEE International Conference on Blockchain

Halifax, Canada

Paper Presentation on "Rethinking Blockchain Security"

6 JUL 2018
Blockfellows Programming Workshop

Organised by Blockfellows

Workshop on Smart Contract Progrmming through building a Food Delivery App

18 MAR 2018
Demystifying Blockchain Workshop Series

Organised by Blockchain@NTU

Introduction to Blockchain and smart contract Development

7-8 MAR 2018
CIFI Security Conference

Rethinking Blockchain Security
  • Present on challenges towards a responsible blockchain eco-system.
    Slides are here
    Presented by Dr Mark Van Staalduinen from TNO